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  • Grade and Standards of screw spike 2015/4/17 10:28:34

    Standards of screw spikeGrade description (technical requirements) of ASTM1. AREA 4-1.4 in 1991 class 2 (ASTM 1183 Class2)①Tensile strength (PSI)≥760MPa②Yield strength≥552MPa③Elongation2"≥12%④Reduction of cross section≥25%⑤Requirements of col…
    what is Self tapping screw 2015/4/17 10:12:33
    A self-tapping screw can be used to join two pieces of plastic or metal with simple holes drilled into them. A "normal" screw requires one of the holes to be "tapped" - a spiral has to be cut into one of the holes to accept the screw.