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In 2013, rail infrastructure drives up fastener enterprises and flourishes

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One train accident in 2011 let the numerous people shock, made families grieved, and it also made high-speed rail accessories production enterprises down in the dumps. With the addition of high-speed rail building boom cooling that caused by Liu Zhijun’s arrest, mighties, including Jinyi industrial, suffered one by one. In 2013, rail infrastructure drives up fastener enterprises and flourishes. After "down times" lasting for half a year, the construction of high-speed rail began to recover at the end of March, 2012, but it proved slow. However, it might yet survive. According to sources, Ministry of Railways provisionally arranged investment in capital construction of national trains in 2013 is 530 billion, which was above 14 billion than 2012. In addition Times new material, Jinyi industrial, China Railway Erju Group Corporation and other companies’ individual share continue to rise. A lot of information showed that fastener manufacturing enterprises were going to encounter a good opportunity. Fastener business was “two-day fire and ice” In August 2011, high-speed rail fastener business that once played “A Hero and A Boy” liked a hot potato for Jinyi industrial. Each fastener production workshop on the base was essentially in shutdown. And 70% to 80% workers left the company. Some workers said that the their wages had been down to lower than 1500yuan from 3500yuan at the begging of June, because of production halts. Xu Zhiqing, the chairman secretary of Jinyi industrial, introduced in his interview that the company had stopped providing fasteners for all high-speed railways under construction. The event of high-speed railways brought company heavy pound, which was called “an extraordinary difficult moment”. The third-quarter earnings published by the company showed that in the third quarter, Jinyi industrial realized 7.811 million net profits, 90.59% less than the year-ago quarter, fell by 87.8% quarter-on-quarter .