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In 2013 China's railway infrastructure

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2011 a sensational motor car accident, shocked, sad at the same time so many families, high-speed rail accessories manufacturing enterprises "mood" pulled the bottom. Liu Zhijun arrested, together with the resulting influx of cool high-speed rail construction, including Jin billion industry, including the "big brother" have suffer.
2013 railway infrastructure pulled fastener enterprises and "Spring"
 In the last six months of the trough, the high-speed railway construction at the end of March 2012 began to gradually recover, but the process is slow. However, this situation seems to have a turn. According to sources, the Ministry of Railways provisional 2013 national railway infrastructure investment plan for the 530 billion yuan, 14 billion yuan higher than in 2012. Plus new material times, Jin billion industry, and China Railway Bureau and other stocks rising. A lot of information display, fastener manufacturing enterprises will usher in another "spring."
Fastener business "rainbow night"
August 2011, has played the role of high-speed railway Savior fastener business, the Group has become the hands of Jin billion a hot potato. Base of each fastener production workshop basically a state of suspension, the workers also have ten to seventy-eight. Some workers said, because shutdown, beginning from June, wages have dropped to 3,500 yuan from 1,500 yuan.

Jin billion industry secretaries Tu Zhiqing was introduced in an interview, the company has stopped all construction in high-speed rail to supply fasteners, high-speed rail incident to the company "has brought unprecedented impact," said the moment "very difficult." According to the company's third quarter earnings release, the third quarter, Gem Industries net profit 7,811,000 yuan, down 90.59 percent, a decline of 87.8%.
In this case, Jin billion industry decided to accelerate the construction of logistics system hardware sales, thus produced by the pure fastener to fastener extending downstream manufacturing and sales and service as one of the transformation to obtain considerable development.
Jin billion industry experience, only in the high-speed railway construction suffer cooling in a case.
Fastener business again welcome development, "spring"
According to sources, the Ministry of Railways provisional 2013 national railway infrastructure investment plan for the 530 billion yuan, slightly higher than in early 2012 planned 516 billion yuan scale. This 530 billion investment plan to develop a comprehensive consideration of the current construction capacity, involving construction funds also have protection.
According to him, according to the progress of the project, Tsubo railway, Tianjin and Qinhuangdao off special, Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed rail, Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway, Chengmianle passenger dedicated railway to the Po, Liu Nan occasion, Yu Lee railways, balance rail, Shen Dan-off special will be in 2013 years have been put into operation. Ultimately, however, the scale of planned investment in the Ministry of Railways has yet to be finalized annual work conference.
The end of 2012, "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed railway network planning in the main event of the Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed railway from Beijing to Shenzhen section will be opened up, put into operation in the same period there Harbin to Dalian passenger line.
According to China Railway "Twelve Five" plan, "Twelfth Five-Year" period, China's high-speed rail "four vertical and four horizontal" skeleton and sea railway line will be basically completed.
Seize opportunities for development clutching upgrade
Twelve Five" is China's fastener industry from large to strong critical period. Represented by fasteners basic pieces, not only is China's equipment manufacturing basic industry of the national economy is an important foundation for the field.
But now industry is facing many problems.